Jake’s Prayer Project


Jake is in 8th grade, and every student in his class planned a campaign last school year to raise money or awareness for a person or organization outside the U.S. Jake chose to focus on Mission India.

Jake was able to travel to south India, where he met boys and girls at a Children’s Bible Club. He asked how he could pray for them. So many kids raised their hands that he decided to meet with them individually to get their name, prayer request, and photo! Jake has completed his classroom presentation, but we wanted to share the prayer requests he gathered with you so we can all join him in prayer for the needs these little ones shared.

From August 6-19, we will be sharing the prayer requests Jake gathered at the Children’s Bible Club. In our daily prayer emails, we will also be sharing their photos. If you haven’t yet, sign up to receive daily prayer emails so you can see the special prayers and photos captured by Jake.