Jagriti: Business Breakthrough

Growing up, Jagriti worked as a child laborer and didn’t receive an education. So, when she and her husband had a daughter, named Trishna, Jagriti ensured that her path would be different.

Jagriti enrolled Trishna in a government school, but became ashamed that she wasn’t able to help her daughter with her homework. Thankfully, Jagriti heard about an Adult Literacy Class nearby, and was thrilled to join.

The Literacy Class gave Jagriti self-confidence and a well-rounded education, equipping her to help her daughter with homework. In addition, she learned how to take care of her own health.

After seeing God’s blessings in her life, Jagriti received Jesus as her Savior!

Then, her Literacy Class conducted a program that inspired Jagriti to start her own business. She began to make detergent, which she sold to local shopkeepers. Motivated by her profit, she started to make more products and watched her business grow.

Jagriti’s husband began to help with her business, bringing raw material from the market and selling the products to shops. Now, Jagriti and her husband work as a team with new knowledge to help them live healthy lives and save money.