Ishir: Searching for Truth

When his father died, teenage Ishir was left to provide for his family. He worked hard, but inside, he felt completely broken and empty. Ishir wondered what happened to people when they died and couldn’t rest until he found the answer.

Ishir met with palm readers and temple priests, asking them, “What will happen to me when I die?” But their responses only left Ishir more confused and uncertain.

Years later, Ishir met Church Planter Makarand. As they talked, Ishir was amazed by Makarand’s faith in Jesus Christ. Makarand invited Ishir to attend a worshipping group he was leading on Sunday. Ishir attended, and as he listened to the sermon, he was touched by how Jesus treated people—especially the neglected and sick.

In the following days, Ishir committed his life to Jesus and received Him as his Savior. The moment Ishir placed his confidence in the Lord, he experienced peace and joy he’d never felt before.

However, when Ishir talked about the joy he’d found in Jesus, his own family refused to listen to him. In fact, they stopped talking to him and began to shun him from taking part in family events. It was hard for Ishir to face this rejection from his family, but he refused to give up his faith in Jesus.

Today, Ishir no longer worries about his eternal destiny because he knows that Jesus’ sacrifice paid for all his sins. Ishir reads and meditates upon the Word of God, attends Makarand’s worshipping group, and also assists Makarand in his ministry in every way he can. Pray for Ishir’s family to become open to talking with him again and for the restoration of their relationship. Pray, too, for his family’s salvation.