Inside the Classroom

Adult Literacy Classes provide illiterate men and women with an education that changes their future by leaps and bounds. Learning to read, write, and do basic math gives adults who grew up with no education a sense of confidence and skills to avoid being taken advantage of. On top of these skills, many students are also given the opportunity to participate in a Self Help Training Program (SHTP).

This program begins by teaching students the basic principles of saving money. Then, students move on to learn about self-employment and are taken through a step-by-step process to start a business.

Students learn to determine what is in demand in their local market and the local availability of raw materials. Then, they learn to plan their business accordingly. Some create products like detergent powder, pillow covers, or fruit juices; others learn skills for watch repair, carpentry, or bee keeping.

To top the program off, students learn marketing skills, from the importance of advertising to maintaining friendly relationships to packaging a product attractively and safely.

Thanks to your support, men and women who spent their whole life illiterate are now able to support their family with brand new skills, and many receive Jesus as their Savior in the process!