India’s Most Unreached Areas: Jammu & Kashmir

A full 25% of the world’s unreached live in India. An estimated 400 million people in India have never heard the name of Jesus before, let alone a full presentation of the Gospel message.

In our blog series this week, take a closer look at three of India’s most unreached areas. Please keep these people and places in your prayers!

Jammu & Kashmir

Located in India’s far north, Jammu & Kashmir shares a border with Pakistan. Border skirmishes, civil unrest, and acts of violence are part of daily life. This state is home to 12.5 million people, including nearly 7 million Muslims. Just 0.2% of people are Christian.

How is God at work in Jammu & Kashmir?

SusmitTeachers told 11-year-old Susmit he was “good for nothing” and punished him for his poor grades.

Then, Susmit was invited to a Mission India Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. At the Club, Susmit received Christ as his personal Savior. Susmit also received tutoring help with his homework, and his grades improved!

When his teachers asked him about what changed, Susmit stood up in his classroom and said, “I gave my life to Jesus and He transformed my life completely.”

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