India Predicted To Be Most-Populated Nation By 2022

More than 7.3 billion people live in our world today. (Wow!)

As you probably already know, China is the world’s most populated country — with about 1.3 billion people. But you might be surprised to know that India is close behind — with 1.2 billion. At its current rate of growth, India is predicted to become the most populated country in the world by 2022!

With the population growing exponentially in India, ministry must grow, too — in order to reach the growing number of people. At this point, there are so few Christians in India that millions will go their whole lives without hearing the Gospel message. And India desperately needs the transformation that Jesus brings.

Here are a few examples of how the love of Christ changes lives:

  • An estimated 22 women a day are victims of bride burning. Roopa survived this horrific practice. After a Church Planter prayed for her and told her about Jesus, Roopa has found new hope and joy in Christ. She forgave her in-laws and now has peace and joy.
  • Tamil was one of 4.9 million child laborers in India who walked to work instead of school. Through a Children’s Bible Club, Tamil learned about the importance of education. He is now enrolled in school.
  • 273 million adults in India are illiterate. Haita used to be part of this statistic. She and her family lived in extreme poverty. Sickness plagued them. Haita considered suicide. Then, Haita joined our Adult Literacy Class. Today, she practices good hygiene, so her family is healthier. She started a thriving business and enrolled her children in school, too.

Best of all? Roopa, Tamil, and Haita are now following Christ. Praise God! Please keep praying as we continue to do much-needed outreach to more men, women, and children in India this year.