What Will India Be Like In 100 Years?

We’re seeing dramatic transformation taking place in India every year, and I am excited to see what lies ahead for this nation that my heart has grown to love. I believe the Holy Spirit will continue to move in incredible ways among men, women, and children living in India in my lifetime … and after!

What will India be like in the year 2114? Many of us believe that Jesus will return by then, and if we are faithful to bring the Good News to India, that is more likely to happen! In which case, India and the entire New Creation will be a perfectly awesome place. On the other hand, if the Lord tarries …

Here are my 9 predictions:

  1. No More Slums – Poverty will be increasingly rare. Slums will cease to exist.
  2. Literacy – Illiterate men and women won’t be cheated in the marketplace anymore—because everyone will have access to education and be able to read, write, and count.
  3. Women’s Rights – Girls will not be aborted or murdered for the “crime” of being girls. Brides will not be burned alive for any reason—including dowry demands. Daughters will not be sold into prostitution or forced to become devadasis. Boys and girls will have equal opportunities to receive education.
  4. Freedom of Religion – True freedom of religion will reign. Muslims and Hindus won’t attack each other because of religious differences. Believers in Jesus won’t face violence or death threats because of their faith; instead, they will be free to worship God and witness to others.
  5. Family Life – Less people will suffer from alcohol and drug addictions. Fathers will invest their money in taking care of their families. Women and children will be protected because domestic abuse will be punishable by law. Child labor will be illegal, so no child will be sold into bonded labor.
  6. Equality – Everyone will treat each other as equals—including high-caste Brahmins, Dalits (Untouchables), and tribal people.
  7. Justice – Wrong actions will be met with swift justice. Corruption and bribery will be rare and punished by law. Convictions handed down from the courts will be fair and timely. (Indians tell me that this prediction is the hardest one to believe!)
  8. Access to the Gospel – Every believer and every interested person will have access to the Word of God in their own language. Every community will have worshipping Christians in their midst.
  9. The Future – By the year 2114 (and future years), this transformed nation will be blessing the lost people living in Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, bringing them the Gospel in ways that Westerners cannot. And India will be blessing America and the whole world by modeling a mature spirituality that alerts Westerners to the spiritual reality around them.