Illiteracy vs. Literacy

When you think of literacy, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Maybe a child learning to write his name. Or maybe you picture yourself curled up in a comfy chair reading your favorite novel. Most of us don’t think about the hardships that come with illiteracy … because we’ve never experienced them ourselves.

In India, non-literate people are more likely to:

  • Live in poverty
  • Be cheated by employers and/or marketplace vendors
  • Pass illiteracy on to their children
  • Not travel
  • Have low self-confidence
  • Depend on others for information and help
  • Take expired medicine
  • Take on debt
  • Be cheated by moneylenders
  • Be unaware of their rights as citizens of India

In India, literate people are more likely to:

  • Find work that enables them to provide for their family
  • Launch their own businesses
  • Avoid being cheated by employers and/or marketplace vendors
  • Enroll their sons and daughters in school
  • Travel
  • Have good self-confidence
  • Be able to find information on their own
  • Take unexpired medication
  • Be debt-free
  • Start a savings account
  • Avoid being cheated by moneylenders
  • Know their rights as citizens of India

Through our Adult Literacy Classes, students are experiencing freedom through literacy … and learning about freedom in Christ … as they study Bible-based lessons for 52 weeks. Celebrate International Literacy Day (today!) by helping someone cross the divide from illiteracy to literacy with a one-time gift of $30.