Illiteracy & India

Illiteracy is a HUGE problem in India. In a culture that traditionally values boys more than girls, females are especially vulnerable to being denied education.

The image above is a map of the world the way we’re used to seeing it (according to land mass):

Take another look. On this map, the size of countries reflects illiteracy rates among women. Look at India!

Illiterate women in the world

India has a great need for education. Many people are eager to study, they’ve just never had the opportunity!

But some of the reasons might surprise you.

Lack of access: Most villages don’t have their own schools, which means kids have to walk miles every day to get to and from the classroom. Some families don’t see the value in wasting this time when they need their children to help at home or even work to earn an income.

Caste discrimination: Though the law says that all children must receive an education, in reality kids who come from lower castes or Dalit (Untouchable) families are treated harshly in school— by their classmates and even their own teachers. This leads to increased dropouts and even discourages kids from going to school in the first place.

Preference for boys: Impoverished families can’t always afford burdensome school fees — and if they have to choose between educating a son or a daughter, they almost always choose the son. That’s because India’s culture expects sons to provide for their parents when they grow up… but girls will marry and leave their families. Millions of girls are never sent to school because it is considered a waste of precious resources.

We’re so thankful to you for partnering with us to bring Bible-based Adult Literacy Classes to India. Lives are being changed every year … and we couldn’t do this without you!

Image Source: World Mapper