How Persecution Led to Lahar’s Salvation

Today we’re excited to feature Church Planter Lahar’s testimony on the blog. He has an amazing story that we hope will leave you inspired in your own faith!

“I was born in a Christian family. I was not knowing Christ personally. I used to go to Sunday school but not much interested to learn anything. I am not very good in studies during my school days. I do not listen to my parents and walking in my own way. Due to my disobedience my parents were sad and praying for me.

“In 2009 there was a Persecution in my district. All Christian families were tortured and their houses were burnt. Many children became orphan and homeless. Our house was destroyed by the fanatics. Force fully they sent us out of village. We had to stay in Jungle for a week without any food. After that my family came back to a camp house provided by government for shelter. During our stay in Jungle our pastor was praying and teaching us to have faith in Jesus Christ. It was a time in my life there is a change. I felt a great peace then I received Christ in my life. I promised to live a good life. My parents were happy to see my behavior. I asked them forgive for my past life.

“I came back for a short training. I prepared myself to work for the Lord. Presently I am going to different villages to give tracts to the people. Sometimes I assist my Pastor and helping the children in the Church. I am interested to do work for the community to bring them to Christ. I would like to get some training to know more about Jesus Christ and the Bible so that I can speak to people boldly.

“Now I am praying daily with my friends, attending house Church leading worship team. God blessed me with good and healthy life. I am growing spiritually. I need prayer for me and my family.”

Thank you for your support! You are helping persecuted people like Lahar to lead others in India to Christ.