Heat Wave Blasts India

In India, it is so hot that the roads are literally melting!

In just one week, more than 1,800 people have lost their lives in the deadly heat wave that has swept across India.

This tally of heat-related deaths is higher than usual for India’s hot season. And many hospitals are overwhelmed with patients requiring treatment for severe dehydration and other heat-related problems.

The only relief in sight is the arrival of the yearly monsoon rains in June, which bring much-needed water to parched crops as well as cooler temperatures.

Just this past week Wednesday, temperatures soared to a scorching 116 degrees in east India. Many areas are breaking longstanding heat records, like Khammam, where the thermometers hit more than 118 degrees Fahrenheit (the highest temperature recorded in 67 years).

About 400 million people in India don’t have reliable access to electricity, so many families are suffering without any possible relief from the heat, especially in crowded urban areas.
Our Children’s Bible Club leaders and kids need your prayers urgently as the summer 10-day Clubs launch in India. Most of our Club leaders don’t have the luxury of air-conditioned church buildings to host these daily sessions of singing, skits, Bible lessons, and prayer. Instead you’ll find these volunteers leading eager groups of children in slum courtyards, in the shade of colorful fabric tents, and under trees:

Please join us in prayer for the monsoon rains to come quickly to break this heat wave …  so our partners can press forward with sharing the powerful Good News with India’s children (and families)!

UPDATE JUNE 2015: The monsoon rains have finally hit India, but not before over 2,300 lives were claimed by the intense heat wave.  Please continue to pray for communities impacted by the severe weather, and for protection from flooding.


Source Video: The Guardian