Headhunters of Nagaland

“We have kept the good things in our tradition and have let the bad things go.”

That’s what Wangloi Wangshu, a former Naga headhunter from northeast India, says in the video above, part of a fascinating in-depth article from National Geographic. I love this quote. This is our goal for India—that the many diverse, unique cultures of India let go of the bad things from their histories … but keep the good!
Nagaland map
Wangloi lives in Nagaland, a small state of almost 2 million people tucked into the mountains along India’s northeastern border with Myanmar. Nagaland is a very unique state in India. The Gospel is advancing in amazing ways here … 90% of Nagaland’s population now follow Christ! Compare that to other states in India where less than 1% of people are Christian — those places are still waiting to hear the Good News that the Naga have embraced for decades.

Our prayer is that Jesus would be known and embraced in every one of India’s unique and diverse people groups and cultures.

Video Source: National Geographic