Head Shaved for Jesus

Tishar’s parents already had four daughters when they found out they were expecting again; and they swore that if they had a son, they would dedicate him as a Sikh.

They were overjoyed when Tishar – a son – was born. Tishar was immediately dedicated as a Sikh, just as his parents had promised. As part of that commitment, he was never permitted to cut his hair.

When he was 11 years old, Tishar was invited to a Children’s Bible Club.

His parents had no objection, so Tishar joined. Later, Tishar convinced his four older sisters to come to the Bible Club, too. Tishar liked the songs and games at the Bible Club but his favorite part was the stories! He loved the story of creation and the story of Jesus.

Touched by Christ’s love, Tishar shaved his head and received Jesus as his Savior.

Tishar told his parents about Jesus and about his decision to follow Him. They haven’t objected to their son’s new faith, but they haven’t yet received Christ either. Please pray for this family!

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