Have You Ever Seen A Snake Charmer?

Have you ever seen a snake charmer? I did during my two-week trip in India!

Here’s a quick video snippet:

I saw a lot of other amazing sights, too!

While floating on a small boat, I watched the sun rise over the Ganges River …

I even touched the white marble of the magnificent Taj Mahal

But none of this compares to what I experienced in a tiny, remote village in south India.

I sat in the backseat of a taxi with another American. Our driver, who was from a pretty remote area himself, drove us to the village.

Have You Ever Seen A Snake Charmer? via

I heard him and our translator, Vishna, talking from the front of the car. Then, they laughed. “What are you guys laughing about?” I asked, wanting to be in on the joke.

Swiveling around in the front seat, Vishna explained, “He asked me how you came to speak English so well. I told him that it is your native tongue. He’s surprised. He never met anyone whose first language was English!”

Some time later, we arrived at our destination: a Children’s Bible Club!

Barefoot kids smiled and laughed as they showed me the “action” songs they’d learned at their Club. Many of them stood up and recited Bible verses from memory, too!

Have You Ever Seen A Snake Charmer? via

Some boys and girls in India are called “Untouchables.” I remembered hearing one of our partners in India say, “If you talk with these children, they will remember you for years. But if you touch them, they will remember you for a lifetime.”

Vishna translated some prayer requests from the kids, and I laid hands on several of the children and prayed for them.

And when I was saying “good-bye” after our visit, I started shaking hands with the kids. I was soon mobbed by lots of little hands—eager to be touched!

I’m so thankful for our indigenous Children’s Bible Club partners, who lead these Clubs. They are teaching children—like the ones I met—that they are valuable and loved by God, no matter their caste.

Learn more about Children’s Bible Clubs.

Will you join me in prayer for boys and girls and their Club leaders?