Harriet Guikema

Harriet Guikema grew up in a small town in Michigan, with Mom, Dad, two sisters, and one “kid brother” (who is 17 years younger).

As a child, Harriet never missed going to church twice on Sundays – unless she was sick. Harriet is thankful to her parents for their faithful involvement with church because they passed on to her a deep love for her global church family.

“I’ve always been interested in outreach,” says Harriet, 89.

Harriet also has a great love for children. Unable to have their own babies, Harriet and her husband adopted two children – a boy and a girl. Harriet laughs, saying that her kids taught her “patience.”

Today, Harriet has grandkids, too. She wants them to remember that “their faith is the most important thing. The closer you walk through life with God, the better off you are!”

Harriet is passionate about reaching girls and boys with the love of Jesus.

And about 20 years ago, friends of Harriet introduced her to Mission India’s Children’s Bible Clubs. Ever since then, her heart has been captured by God’s powerful move among India’s children.

Now, Harriet is still in awe of what God is doing. “Here, it’s so easy for so many of our young people to drift away, and [in India], they’re bringing their whole families … to church, which amazes me.”

Harriet keeps Children’s Bible Clubs in her prayers to this very day – and Harriet can see that her prayers make a powerful impact! She encourages everyone to “be in prayer for all things!”

Harriet also joined the Mission India Legacy Society. “I feel that the need is very great in India and the response is so exciting!”

Harriet encourages other people to get involved in giving to reach India through Mission India, too. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to give and know it’s really spreading the Gospel.”

UPDATE: Harriet went to be with her Lord and Savior in June 2011. Though she is deeply missed by friends and family, we are thankful for her legacy of love for missions and for reaching the people of India with the Gospel.

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