Hameer: Delivered from Addiction

Hameer began drinking alcohol when he was influenced by a rough group of friends. By the time he got married, he had developed an addiction that his wife couldn’t convince him to quit.

The couple eventually became parents to three children who grew up watching their father’s poor example—and when Hameer’s two sons grew up, they became addicted to alcohol, too.

Meanwhile, Hameer’s wife prayed to her gods, desperately hoping they would deliver Hameer and her sons from addiction. When Hameer wasn’t drunk, he was working hard. He was well known for his physical strength and commitment to work, but it led him to focus all of his attention on work when he wasn’t drinking alcohol, leaving no time to care about his health or family.

“I was strong and a chronic alcoholic,” Hameer recalls. “I worked hard throughout the day and spent some money on alcohol to get some relief from the physical stress I went through, but I never knew when it took over my family’s happiness.”

It wasn’t until Hameer reached the age of 68 that he began to lose his strength and reflect on the life he was living. He recognized his mistakes and was frustrated by his sons’ addictions, knowing he could have influenced them for the better if he’d quit drinking alcohol.

Then, one day while he was looking for something in his house, Hameer happened upon portions of Scripture and Gospel tracts that a Christian had given him long ago. These caught his attention, and he began to read. He was only casually interested at first, but he soon began to discover Jesus. Every time he read the Gospel tract, it gave him hope and peace.

Around this time, Hameer crossed paths with Church Planter Jabeen. As they got to talking, he told her about the Scripture and Gospel tracts. Jabeen then shared the Gospel with him and prayed over Hameer and his family. She invited him to attend the local worshipping group, and after they finished talking, Jabeen began to pray for his salvation. She started to visit him regularly, sharing more about Jesus.

Eventually, Hameer received Jesus as his Savior! He worked hard to quit drinking alcohol, and finally, he was able to stop.

Now, Hameer shares, “I will never get my past back, but I now have a great relationship with my family. I hope now that I quit alcohol my sons will also follow me. Through Jesus, I believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Praise God!