Hafiz: Freed from Alcoholism

Hafiz grew up in a family that could not afford to send him to school. His family suffered due to his father’s drinking habits, and sadly, Hafiz also developed alcohol addictions after his father passed away.

In an attempt to change his ways, Hafiz’s mother married him off to a woman named Janani, but the drinking only continued, even after the couple had two children.

By this time, not only did addiction control Hafiz’s life, but it had ruined his health. He was so sick from an alcohol-related disease, he could not even get out of bed—and the family couldn’t afford the medical treatment he needed.

Then, in a nearby Adult Literacy Class, one of the students knew of Hafiz’s situation and asked the teacher, Amulya, to pray for him.

Amulya went to Hafiz’s house, and shared the Gospel with Janani and her two adult children. Then, Amulya asked Janani’s permission to pray for Hafiz, and seeing that nothing else was working, Janani agreed.

Amulya prayed for Hafiz, commanding the sickness to leave. Afterwards, Hafiz said that if God would heal him, he would follow Jesus for the rest of his life. Amulya came back to visit regularly, always encouraging the couple to pray for Hafiz’s condition.

After four months on what he thought was his deathbed, Hafiz was miraculously healed!