Hadee: Leaving Idols for Jesus

In the hills of northeast India is a community of indigenous people practicing Hindu animistic rituals. They believe in reincarnation, honoring their ancestors, and worshipping images of animals.

Hadee is one of the children in this village who was raised to follow these traditions. His parents were proud of their idols and believed that anyone who didn’t obey their gods would face sickness and misfortune.

Despite their reliance on their gods, Hadee’s parents lived a life full of hardship and uncertainty. They earned very little income working in a tea garden, leaving the family in poverty. And yet, they believed that any suffering in life occurred as punishment for their actions in a past life.

As he watched his illiterate parents face many challenges, Hadee knew he wanted to grow up to live differently than they did. He dreamed of becoming a great person one day, so he strived to study well in school. This proved difficult, though, when he struggled to understand some of his subjects in school and had uneducated parents who couldn’t help him at home.

In this village full of idol worshippers, 15% of the population was Christian. In fact, a few of Hadee’s friends were Christians, and they encouraged him to join them at a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club that was running near his house. When he found out the Bible Club was free and could provide him with tutoring, Hadee eagerly asked his parents if he could join. Though they disliked Christianity and didn’t want him to be influenced by followers of Christ, his parents agreed that the free tutoring would be worthwhile and agreed to let him enroll.

Hadee loved attending the Bible Club. His Bible Club leader helped the children with their homework each day, and finally, Hadee was able to improve in his studies. He also enjoyed learning action songs, making new friends, and memorizing Bible verses.

One day at the Bible Club, Hadee learned about Jesus and was convicted. He was eager to learn more and received Jesus as his Savior! Encouraged by his Bible Club leader, Hadee began to attend Sunday school at the local worshipping group, and his faith grew day by day. He learned more songs about Jesus, and he even sang one of them at a school function.

Though Hadee’s parents still don’t believe in Jesus, they don’t stop him from living out his new faith. Meanwhile, Hadee prays for financial stability in his family and for their salvation. He believes that one day they will come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Will you join Hadee in prayer?