Guriya: Struggling with Infertility

Guriya had been married for 6 years—and despite going through several years of fertility treatments, she and her husband, Sunil, had no children. Guriya longed for a baby. She felt a pang of jealousy whenever she saw a woman in her community who was expecting, and watching the neighborhood children play or go to school crushed her heart with grief.

To make matters worse, Sunil blamed her for their infertility and turned to alcohol to deal with his grief. Guriya turned to her gods, pleading with them to bless her womb. But as years passed and nothing changed, Guriya sank into a deep depression.

Guriya also faced rejection in her community. They believed she was a bad omen and shunned her from social events and family gatherings. Locals gossiped that infertility was a punishment for Guriya’s past sins. After some time, Guriya’s in-laws began pressuring their son to marry someone else—someone able to bear children.

Then Guriya met Church Planter Prasad, who shared the Gospel with her. Guriya shared about her infertility and asked Prasad to pray for her. Prasad did pray, and he also shared the Bible story of Hannah with Guriya. Hearing this story gave her hope. Guriya began to put her trust in the Lord and prayed, too. And she began to see miracle after miracle—locals stopped criticizing her, her in-laws stopped pressuring Sunil to divorce her, and her husband quit drinking alcohol and became loving and caring towards her. Guriya suddenly felt that she was not alone in her pain and struggle with infertility. Soon, Guriya received Jesus as her Savior.

Even though she has not yet conceived, Guriya has peace, joy, and hope in her heart. Guriya’s prayers and godly living made a deep impact on her husband, and they now pray together that God will bless them with a baby. Will you join them in that prayer today?