Going to Prayer in Jammu & Kashmir’s Unrest

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, Jammu & Kashmir state experienced one of its worst terrorist attacks in decades. An SUV packed with explosives drove into a bus, killing at least 40 of India’s military police.

Police response to the attack has involved restrictions on movement and gatherings, so as a precautionary measure, a number of our programs in the surrounding areas are on a temporary pause.

The issues surrounding this attack go back for over half a century, rooted in a dispute over who has control of Jammu & Kashmir: India or Pakistan.

When Britain gave its Indian colonies independence in 1947, Hindus fled from what would become Muslim-dominated Pakistan, and Muslims fled from India. The violence that happened during these two mass migrations was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and a history of tense relationships between India and Pakistan that focuses on the boundaries of Kashmir.

War has broken out – three times – and border “incidents” are still common. The group responsible for the attack on February 14 hopes to separate Kashmir from India and merge it into Pakistan, and retaliation has left the area with unrest all over again.

Amidst the fear, violence, and unrest in Jammu & Kashmir state, we keep in mind our prayer focus for India in 2019: “Thy Kingdom come,” according to Matthew 6:10. We’re praying that God continues to bring His Kingdom and do His will in India, transforming a nation that needs the hope and love of Christ.

Our India partners specifically request prayer for peace, both in this region and within our ministries. Pray that our programs will not be affected and that our partners in Jammu & Kashmir will remain safe.

We thank God for continuing to do His work in this state through our partners, and we praise Him for being a God of love, hope, and peace.