Girls — Unwanted

Can you imagine growing up with the name “Unwanted”?

Or hearing your own mom or dad say, “I wish you hadn’t been born”?

This is the reality for many girls in India – who are seen as a burden, not a blessing.

Many even bear the name “Nakusa” – which literally means unwanted in the Hindi language.

In some communities, there is enormous social pressure to put girls to death. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would kill a child. But in India, the birth of a girl is seen as a financial burden on the family since girls require a large dowry in order for them to be married.

And millions of girls have been aborted or even killed as babies. Recent India census data shows a disturbing trend: there are just 914 girls for every 1,000 boys.

But there’s hope.

Village boys and girls are attending Children’s Bible Clubs. There, they learn that Jesus loves them – no matter their caste, how poor they are, or what their gender is.

And that news is literally saving lives…

…like the life of 1-year-old Rema, whose mother Revati learned that Jesus loves all children through a Bible Club.

And Revati didn’t name her little girl “Unwanted.” In fact, Rema’s name comes from the Greek word used in the Bible to describe God’s inspired word!

Watch Revati’s story and see how God transformed her heart … and her entire family!



Due to the sensitive topic addressed in this episode, we recommend adults preview the video before sharing it with younger viewers.