Fulki: Seeking Marriage Transformation

Fulki and Palash were on the brink of divorce. They were constantly fighting and their problems escalated when Fulki gave birth to a daughter instead of the son Palash had wanted. Palash humiliated his wife constantly.

Meanwhile, Fulki tried to provide a good life for their daughter, Sakshi. As an illiterate, she knew that education was one of the best things she could give Sakshi and planned to send her to school. However, Palash warned Fulki not to violate their culture, which opposed education for girls. After many fights, Fulki enrolled Sakshi in school secretly.

When Palash later discovered this, he became furious.

Adding to her struggles, Fulki lived in poor conditions; she labored in the fields from dawn to dusk, had an unhealthy diet, and seldom took a shower. Lack of self-care led to intestinal parasites that caused abdominal pain.

At this time, a woman named Omaira met Fulki and told her about a local Adult Literacy Class she was teaching. Fulki knew that this was just the opportunity she needed, and joined the class despite Palash discouraging her, as he had when she requested an education for Sakshi.

As she began to attend, Fulki learned the basics of reading, writing, and math—gaining the education she had always wanted! Beyond these lessons, Omaira conducted a special training for the literacy students, teaching them about health and hygiene. Fulki received medicine and supplements during this training, which healed her from parasites!

Fulki also participated in a special training through the class that taught students how to make income-generating products. She started to make and sell soap, dishwashing powder, and candles to earn better income for her family.

Then, one day at the Literacy Class, Omaira asked the learners to share prayer requests. Fulki shared about her marriage problems, and Omaira asked God to restore Fulki’s relationship with Palash. She then suggested that Fulki pray for her husband, too. She followed this advice, and gradually, Palash’s attitude changed! Fulki had previously assumed that Jesus was one of many gods, but now began to seek Him alone. Eventually, Fulki received Jesus as her Savior!

With Omaira’s guidance, Fulki began to treat her husband in a biblical manner, finding ways to respect and love him. Moved by Fulki’s acts of love, Palash suddenly regretted his behavior. In the following weeks, he received Jesus as his Savior!

Today, the couple has been transformed. They view marriage as one of the greatest blessings. Praise God!