Our Gift to YOU!

why prayThis free chapter download is our gift to you!

Why? Because we’ve been sharing, smiling, laughing, crying, and praying with you for 4 years on Facebook … and this gift to you is our way of celebrating these 4 amazing years and looking forward to continuing to connect with you in the years ahead!

Why Pray? is a special 40-day devotional book written by Mission India’s Founder, John DeVries. We hope you enjoy your chapter!

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Here’s what people are saying about Why Pray?:

  • “This book is a fresh call to prayer. The stories are so inspiring and it makes you want to turn your house into a house of prayer.” – Mary H., United Arab Emirates
  • “There are so many word pictures in Why Pray? about being in the presence of the Lord when we pray. The stories of the impact prayer has made in many lives and places encourages us to pray.” – Thomas B., Delaware
  • “I will continue to praise our Lord for you as I read your devotional for the next 40 days. You have challenged me in so many ways.” – Roger B., Michigan
  • Caution: What you read in this book will stay with you all day!” – Reader in Indiana


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