Flooding Devastates South India

Heavy rain and flooding in south India over the past several weeks has affected more than 1.8 million people.

  • Airports, trains, and schools have been forced to close
  • An estimated 269 people have died
  • Thousands have been displaced from their homes
  • In November, the city of Chennai reported 40.31 inches of rain — three times the normal rainfall

What does the heavy rain and flooding mean for our partners and the communities they minister in?

Here are the latest reports:

For the past two weeks, worship at this church (pictured below) has been at a standstill due to flooding. And the literacy classes that used to gather here every day are unable to meet. Our partner, Damik, leads the church. One of his church members, Raj, passed away in the floods. Raj is remembered as a passionate believer and prayer warrior. Pray for God’s comfort for Raj’s family. More heavy rains are forecasted for this area today. Damik asks for your prayers that the water recedes.

Hundreds of banana, sugar cane, and rice fields have been destroyed by heavy rains and flooding in south India. This is a devastating lost for local farmers, who depend on their crops to provide for their families.

Rice field

Rabi, a church planting partner, reports that their lake flooded, and their entire area is covered with water. Locals have found refuge in schools, churches, and other buildings.


As feet of water pounded down, homes made of sun-dried clay bricks eroded.

collapsed home

Due to the heavy rains in Tamil Nadu, all the lakes, dams, and all water resources in this partner’s area have been flooded. The water has seeped into local homes. Nearly 143 believers living in this neighborhood lost their homes and belongings. There has been no electricity for the past 24 hours. All roads and railways are blocked, so believers are not able to gather in their local church.

church road blocked

Another partner took this video footage of his church in Tamil Nadu, India, which sustained severe damage in the storm.

Please join us in prayer that the flood waters recede in south India.