February 2019 India Intercessor

Dear Intercessors,

Love is like two persons playing catch. The first person throws the ball to you and you catch it and throw it back.

God sends His love to you and you send your love to Him by loving Him and others in return. That’s how you learn to be loved; catch God’s love for you and throw it back to Him by loving others.

Your life can be transformed when you learn this. It seems that 9 out of 10 popular songs deal with loving and being loved. Everyone desperately needs and longs to be loved! As many singers have sung, it is love that “makes the world go round.”

The reason the early Jerusalem Church exploded was not because of a great evangelistic training program but because of love. The new Christians experienced God’s love for them in spite of their sin and they showed their love for God by the ways in which they loved each other. Meeting together in homes, they demonstrated love to their neighbors in the love they showed for each other.

That’s still the way today. Prayer for India is saying to God, “Thanks for loving me. Please share your love with the people in India too! I know that you will never run out of love! You will never get tired of loving me, no matter how I fail. That’s true for them too. Please show them that they are loved and that they must love each other!”


John and Atts

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