February 2018 India Intercessor

Dear Intercessors,

It was l977, 41 years ago, when John was invited to a businessman’s summer home for coffee. This was six years after John’s first trip to India and his emotional response to that country: “God, I’ll go anywhere but please don’t send me back to India!”

But our visit in 1971 had resulted in our commitment to reach India with the Good News, and it had become our obsession. It was with excitement that John accepted the businessman’s invitation, and the man explained that with some of his friends, he was interested in helping to set up a separate organization just to reach India. The organizational predecessor of Mission India was born in the next year, 1978, 40 years ago.

Over the decades, Mission India went through several name changes and added new ministry programs. Many people were transformed. Many Indian Christians received training and materials through our fundraising efforts at Mission India, and even the children who attended Children’s Bible Clubs became “little missionaries” to their families and friends. Through these boys and girls, parents and siblings have been exposed to the transforming power of Jesus. Can you imagine the joy in those families?

Many of those transformed were Dalits, from the lowest caste in India, taught from birth they are of less value than a cow. What joy they now have as children of the King! As the hymn says, “Amazing love! how can it be. That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me?”

How true is Ephesians 3:20, a passage we have held onto through all these years of ministry: “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…” God truly has and continues to do more than we could ask or imagine. Thousands of you are praying and God is answering our prayers! Thank you all!

Until India Is Transformed,

John and Atts

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