Farani: Breaking the Poverty Cycle

Farani and her family lived in extreme poverty. For income, her husband sold vegetables door to door while Farani cleaned neighbors’ homes. They could scarcely make ends meet, but they insisted on finding a way to pay for their children to go to school. As an illiterate adult, Farani knew how important education was. She struggled constantly with day-to-day tasks and was desperate for her children to break the generational cycle of poverty.

But one day, an opportunity to end that cycle of poverty came sooner than expected. A passionate Christian woman started an Adult Literacy Class nearby and invited Farani and her neighbors to join. Eager to learn, Farani enrolled.

She began learning how to read, write, and do basic math, all while gaining eye-opening knowledge on her rights in society.

Once she learned the alphabet and could write her own name, Farani was thrilled—but her growth was just starting! She also participated in a special training offered through the class which taught her how to make locally-sourced products to sell. In addition, she was equipped with lessons on how to save money.

With her new skills, Farani decided to start a business with her mother-in-law, making and selling goods like soap. Farani explains, “I learnt to save money and with the small savings, I started my small business. I feel like I can do much better in the days to come and my business would thrive for sure.”

Now able to count, Farani can ensure that her business is making good profit. Her extra income is already benefitting her family, helping to pay for medical expenses.

Farani is in the process of breaking her generational cycle of poverty. Thanks to becoming literate, she can pass down knowledge and help her children with their homework, which she never dreamed of being able to do!

Reflecting on her journey, Farani shares, “I earn and help my children. I am not dependent upon others. If I had not enrolled into the Literacy Class, my life would have never changed.”

Farani has been introduced to Jesus through her Adult Literacy Class. She is open to the Gospel but has yet to receive Christ as her Savior. Will you pray for Farani and her family’s salvation?