Faaraj: Marriage Restored through Christ

This month, we’re focused on stories from Karnataka, a state in India where 1.9% of the population is Christian, and where believers are no strangers to persecution. You’ll notice in these stories that, despite the many people groups that are yet to be reached with the Gospel in Karnataka, God is on the move and new believers are passionately living out their faith in Christ. Today, we’re diving into the first of this month’s stories from the state: Faaraj’s experience meeting Church Planter Jaiman.

Faaraj’s drunkenness damaged his health and was destroying his family. He fought with his wife, Ziana, almost every day—and his alcohol addiction led to kidney problems.

Ziana finally left him and went to live with her parents. Faaraj missed her immensely and asked her to return, promising he would stop drinking. She agreed, and he didn’t drink … for one week. When problems resurfaced, Ziana went back to her parents’ house.

Then, Church Planter Jaiman stopped at Faaraj’s house one day and shared the love of Christ with him. Jaiman prayed with him, and that very day, Faaraj confessed his sins and received Jesus as his Savior!

He started praying daily, gave up smoking and drinking, and his health began to improve. Faaraj was experiencing newfound happiness and peace, and was ready to share his testimony.

Faaraj went to see his wife after four years apart. He told her about how Jesus transformed him and delivered him from his addictions, and she had heard the Gospel for the first time. She was convinced of his renewed life and returned to live with him!

The couple now lives happily together. Ziana credits Jesus for changing her husband’s life, attends church with him, and has left idol worship. Praise God that Faaraj was baptized! Please join him in praying for his wife’s salvation and baptism.

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