Ettan: Faith Ignited by Prayer

Off in the countryside in the small state of Goa, there was a farm with an idol placed at the entrance. Every morning, 12-year-old Ettan started his day here—worshipping the idol with his family. His dad wouldn’t go to work before completing this ritual. It was as much a part of the family’s routine as daily chores.

Ettan grew up learning many religious customs like this. His family had many superstitious beliefs and worshipped many idols, besides the one placed on their farm.

The rest of Ettan’s day consisted of going to school with his two younger siblings. His illiterate parents knew that education was important if their children were going to have a bright future.

One day, Ettan crossed paths with a man named Nuri, who explained that he was starting a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club during summer vacation. After hearing about all of the fun planned at the Bible Club, Ettan excitedly went to his parents and asked if he could join.

After personally speaking with Nuri, his parents could see that the Bible Club would be a positive influence in their son’s life, and they agreed to let him attend.

On the very first day of the 10-Day Bible Club, Ettan was captivated by the lively atmosphere. He loved singing action songs with the other boys and girls, and he was drawn to the interesting stories Nuri shared. By the end of the day, he was eager to come back for more.

As the 10-Day Bible Club continued, Ettan listened enthusiastically when Nuri shared stories about Jesus. When Nuri explained how the children could pray to Jesus, Ettan was glad to do so. Soon, he was praying every day and night for his family.

Ettan continued to live out what he’d learned after the 10-Day Bible Club concluded. When he prays to Jesus at home, his parents don’t stop him—though they still worship their own idols. They don’t yet see Jesus as the one true God.

We praise God that Ettan is trusting Jesus with his prayers. Will you pray for his whole family’s salvation?