Eshna: Discovering Self Care

Eshna was a beautiful girl, but her face was always hidden by a layer of dirt. Her family of four lived in a rented house with only a kitchen and a single room. There was no bathroom, the water was unclean, and Eshna’s clothes were always dirty. Her parents worked hard for daily wages and yet struggled to provide even two meals per day.

In trying to raise their children the best way they knew how, Eshna’s parents taught her to follow their gods and goddesses and worship idols. Eshna obediently followed in her parents’ footsteps.

When Eshna was 10 years old, a kind woman named Ramya told her parents about a local Year-Long Children’s Bible Club she was leading. This was the beginning of a whole new life trajectory for Eshna!

With her parents’ permission, Eshna curiously visited the Year-Long Bible Club. She loved it! She was able to spend time with other children, sing action songs, and play games—along with hearing Bible stories.

That evening, Eshna excitedly went home and told her brother all about the fun she’d had. The next day, he attended with her.

The children were delighted. While enjoying the Year-Long Bible Club activities, they got to know Ramya better and told her about the struggles their family was going through. Full of compassion, Ramya prayed for God to work in Eshna’s family. She also told the children about Jesus’ miracles, assuring them that He is all-powerful and could transform their situation.

Eshna was amazed by what she heard. She began to pray to Jesus for her family’s needs, placing her trust in Him rather than the deities her parents worshipped.

Meanwhile, Ramya taught the children the importance of bathing every day, brushing their hair, and wearing clean clothes.

Now, Eshna is taking better care of herself and understands the importance of using good hygiene practices. She continues to pray daily for her family but has yet to receive Him as her Savior.

Will you pray for her entire family’s salvation, as well as their financial stability?