Eshana: Three Generations, Illiterate

As a child, instead of going to school with her brothers, Eshana worked in a factory with her mother and grandmother. They made hundreds of matchsticks each day.

All three generations of women in Eshana’s family were illiterate.

When Eshana first heard about a local Adult Literacy Class, she said she was too scared to enroll. But, the teacher invited her to visit the classes before making her decision. Eshana visited the next day, along with her mother and grandmother.

After observing the class, all three of them decided to enroll!

Compared to her mother and grandmother, Eshana learned things slowly on her journey to literacy—but she didn’t give up! After completing her year of classes, she can now read, write, and do math at a 5th-grade level, which is a significant level in India for finding better employment.

Eshana’s life changed in other ways, too. Before the class, Eshana would seldom take a bath or wash her hands, but after learning about hygiene in a special training offered through the class, she is careful to wash regularly to help prevent diseases.

Eshana enthusiastically took part in another special training offered through her Adult Literacy Classes, in which she learned how to make locally-sourced products like detergent, candles, pickles, shampoo, pain balm, air fresheners, and delicious jams. Not only can Eshana make these products to use herself at home, she hopes to start selling them, too, to earn additional income.

Eshana, her mother, and her grandmother were all introduced to the Gospel in their classes, but they have not yet received Jesus as their Savior. Please pray that their hearts will be open to the love of God and that they will be transformed by it.