Equipping Women

In the nation of India, where women are often devalued, it’s so encouraging to know that many are being equipped to spread the Gospel. Praise God that 30% of Mission India’s Church Planters who want training this year are women!

In recent years, Mission India has seen a significant increase in women desiring to be trained for ministry, and we believe that God wants to mobilize them to impact their communities for Christ. Women in India are uniquely positioned to be the light of Jesus; in many cases, men don’t have the same access to homes as female believers, since it is culturally inappropriate for a man to visit a woman in her home. Having women in Church Planter Training opens the door for the Good News to reach even more of the 1.3 billion people of India!

As the Indian government begins to emphasize empowerment of women, progress is being made toward a cultural shift of valuing women in leadership, reflected in the Christian community as women become pastors. Looking to Scripture, we think of Mary Magdalene, who first proclaimed the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection, and celebrate the example she is to the passionate, redeemed daughters of Christ in India who can’t wait to declare the Word that has transformed their lives.

Jesus empowered women throughout Scripture, and we’re so grateful that He continues to do so today, especially in a place where their testimonies are desperately needed.