End Places

“Uncertainty” is a word I’m hearing a lot lately.

We live in uncertain times — what’s going to happen to us? Our economy? Our nation? Our values? And many people think things will only get worse. They say, “We must be living in the End Times!”

But I can almost hear God whispering in my ear,

“Dave, wait a minute. Take a look at my world the way I see it. You think you have problems? In India, half a billion people have never even heard my name. Life is not uncertain for them. It is VERY certain—there is no future for their children … no hope for a better life … and their idols offer them no grace or forgiveness.

“Their lives are very certain — unless someone surprises them with Good News.”

I’m less concerned about the End Times than about the End Places — the communities of people still waiting to hear the Gospel for the first time. And the Bible is clear: Christ won’t return until the End Places are reached.

India has more End Places than any other nation on earth.

And here’s the amazing part: India’s people are coming into the Kingdom in incredible numbers … and speeding to the day when our Lord returns (2 Peter 3:12).

We are literally overwhelmed by the opportunities this new situation presents to Christ’s worldwide church—opportunities unmatched in any previous generation—to transform a billion people and the End Places they call home. India is where God is at work. Thank you for joining Him!