Edhas: Recovery through Prayer

Edhas and his wife worked hard and saved enough money to buy an acre of land. Things were going well for them until Edhas picked up bad habits that led to addictions. When questioned about this by his wife, who was a Christian, Edhas argued with her.

Then, an Adult Literacy Class began in their village. Edhas had gone to school through fifth grade, but had forgotten almost everything he’d learned, so he enrolled.

A month later, Edhas and his wife had a misunderstanding that ended with Edhas physically abusing her. Later regretting his behavior, Edhas attempted suicide.

Thankfully, a friend found him while he was lying lifeless on the ground. He and Edhas’ Adult Literacy Class teacher, Raheem, brought him to the hospital. Doctors said they weren’t sure whether he would live, even after they gave him treatment.

Edhas’ wife tearfully prayed, shocked that he would do this after their argument. Raheem prayed, too, and by the grace of God, Edhas gradually recovered and was able to go home.

Raheem visited his home later, sharing the Gospel and explaining how God had saved Edhas. Raheem prayed for him, and Edhas received Jesus as his Savior!

Edhas’ life has been renewed. He has given up his bad habits, takes care of his family, and happily attends his Adult Literacy Class—where his reading and writing have improved. Edhas and his family now attend a worshipping group together, and he and his wife have been counseled by a pastor to sort out their misunderstandings.

Thank you for being a part of Edhas’ transformational story!