Ed & Ellie Vrieland

Teach local people to go out and share the Gospel – it’s an effective approach to ministry that impressed Ed and Ellie Vrieland.

“I think the Children’s Bible Clubs are great. I like the way Mission India trains local people to teach these clubs. The native people know the local languages and cultures,” Ed says.

Ed, a retired research chemist, and his wife, Ellie, live in Midland, Michigan and celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in 2013. They delight in spending time with their three children and nine grandchildren.

Ed attended Calvin College with Mission India Founder Dr. John DeVries, and remembers him as an “outstanding, gifted person.” Years later, Ed and Ellie became connected with Mission India, motivated by their heart to see India’s people reached with the Good News.

“I think Mission India is a very effective ministry. They provide the materials and the training. That’s very cost-effective and the results have been very spectacular.”

Why have Ed and Ellie chosen to become part of the Mission India Legacy Society?

“We just feel good to be a part of this ministry because Mission India reaches so many people there who are open and receptive to the Gospel.”

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