Discovering his Heavenly Father

Overhearing the Gospel was Church Planter Genkei’s first step toward finding hope in his Heavenly Father. We hope his testimony encourages you today!

“My name is Genkei from (the state of) Sikkim. I come from a Buddhist Family. My father was very hard working, very intelligent, businessman, we had one shop and through this we run our family. However, if there was one thing that my father never seemed to master it was how to communicate love to his children. My mother was busy in the field for the whole day and not able to give time during night time. My father was busy in doing business and always going outside. He used to come home after two or three days.

Our needs were not able to be met during our studies. My father never demonstrated any love, care, counseling to his children. So at the very young age I started smoking and taking many unwanted things etc. I went to school but I never reach to the school. I stayed in my friend’s house and used to go back after the school is over. Our Principal sent information to my father but my father was away and my mother cannot able to read that information.

At last I was chased out from the school, my father went and request but the matter become very serious to admit again. So I was punished and beaten mercilessly. With all of this pain in my heart, I began to look for answers. I don’t remember and find any answer. I used to stay at home alone and I thought there was never any life anymore. There was never any understanding.

One day, I saw from a window that a group of people were preaching the Gospel to our neighbor. I listen for a while and they left. I don’t understand anything but I heard that there is a peace in Jesus. Deep inside I thought that God had to be real… if only he could find Him.

So I started to find Christian people. So I started going to the Church, when I listen the words of God from the pastor. He was preaching from the book of Psalm 27:10 ‘Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.’ It seems the words are speaking to me. So I started crying and I ask for God’s forgiveness for what I had done before.

After the church I met a Pastor and ask me to received Christ. On that very day I received Jesus as my Savior. I took water baptism in the next Sunday. From that day onward I was growing in Christ. Now I am serving as a Church Elder.”