Dhanya: Shy Girl Shines the Light of Christ

The other kids at school teased 11-year-old Dhanya because of her thick glasses.

Dhanya has had vision problems since birth. She was hurt by the comments and mean names other children called her, but she never argued with them. In fact, she hardly spoke at all at school. She never raised her hand to answer or ask a question in class for fear of being ridiculed.

One day, on her way to school, Dhanya learned about a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. When she heard about the games and songs, it sounded like fun. Dhanya got her mother’s permission and started attending the Bible Club. Dhanya was very reserved on her first day there, but she soon started playing and singing with the other kids, forgetting all her self-consciousness about her glasses.

Certain times were set aside at the Bible Club for the children to work on their homework, and Dhanya’s Bible Club leader helped her understand the difficult concepts in her classes. Before long, Dhanya’s hand began shooting up at school, eager to answer the teacher’s questions!

At the Bible Club, Dhanya learned about Jesus and was touched by His love and sacrifice for her. She received Jesus as her Savior and eagerly shared the Gospel with her mom at home. In time, Dhanya’s mother also received Jesus as her Savior! They now attend a worshipping group and are growing in their faith.

Sadly, when Dhanya and her mother shared the Gospel with Dhanya’s dad, he refused to listen to them. Dhanya now asks that you join her in prayer for her dad’s salvation.