Devank’s Story

Devank was an anti-Christian extremist, known in his village for his aggression toward Christians.

He spoke out against Christians, organized groups to stand outside churches, and intimidated Christians who tried to share the Gospel.

After hearing that Church Planter Dinpal planned to lead a prayer meeting nearby, Devank grabbed a weapon and found their place of worship. He stood behind the crowd with the weapon in his hand. His plan was to wait until the service ended before opening fire.

Church members worshipped and sang their praises to God. Dinpal led the service with stories from the Bible and sharing about Jesus. Stunned by a sudden and unexpected sense of God’s presence, Devank stood in the back, silently, and listened to the sermon.

Overwhelmed by the experience, Devank approached Dinpal after the service and wanted to learn more about Jesus. Dinpal answered Devank’s questions and prayed for him to be changed by Christ’s love.

Months passed as Devank’s behavior changed. A Bible replaced the weapons he once held in hand. He began attending church and surrendered his life to Jesus, receiving Him as Savior.

Two of the members from the extremist group saw the change in Devank and have also decided to walk in new life with Jesus!

Your prayers and gifts are making a difference in so many places in India, thank you!

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