Deeper plans than my own

Last year at church I took a spiritual gifts class.

When we got our test results my main gift (administration) was no shock to anyone who knows me. I use that gift at home, at work, at church…  It is as natural as breathing to me.

But I wasn’t sure what to do with the gift indicator I was not expecting: faith. How could I use this to serve others? Honestly, I was a little bewildered.

But this week, only a couple of days into a visit to India, I sense God teaching me about it… First at church Sunday and then tonight at a literacy class I was asked to pray for so many needs. Families, widows, wives, children…  I would still be there praying if there were time. It was both humbling and joyful to hold the hands of complete strangers and pray for them with complete confidence and a rock solid peace that they were firmly in God’s hand. I was His instrument of encouragement, but somehow I came away encouraged.

I came here with my own plans in mind. But God always has deeper plans. And I am so very grateful.