December 2016 India Intercessor

Dear Praying Friend,

Her name is Annie*. She has Down Syndrome and is over sixty years old. We’ve known her much of our life, and she is such a wonderful joy. Years ago, Annie was a “bat girl” for the girls’ softball team of a neighboring church. She carried the bats to the baseball players. That year, they won the championship. At the celebration dinner, team members started to thank the coaches and their teammates for a wonderful year. This went on quite a while until Annie interrupted with her comment, “I think we ought to thank Jesus …” There was silence then immediate agreement, so someone prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to Jesus.

There is a profound truth in what Annie said. We have celebrated Thanksgiving Day and among all the things for which we gave thanks, did we thank Jesus? Interesting how many peripheral things are objects of gratitude but often the Giver is not even mentioned.

In no other month is that danger of not thanking Jesus greater than in the month of December. We are SO busy and there are so many presents given—and we have so many “thank yous” to give to the givers! Hey! Remember that this season is all about the birthday of the King! Let’s give special thanks to Jesus. Let’s make certain that the celebration centers on Jesus and not on a roomful of gifts and givers.

So be certain that as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we celebrate His amazing work and the great response to Him in these final days. The baby in the manger is the greatest gift ever given! Praise the Lord!

Until India is transformed,

John and Atts DeVries

*Name changed to protect identity

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