Daiwik: Delivered through Prayer

When 18-year-old Daiwik stopped visiting his friends, they went to his house to see what was going on — and were shocked to find him screaming uncontrollably.

Daiwik had become demon-possessed. He acted bizarre. He ran away, and the police had to bring him home. His family attempted, unsuccessfully, to help him.

He was taken to hospitals, black magicians, and temples in search of help. His parents sacrificed goats and bribed exorcists. His condition didn’t change.

Then, while Church Planter Iham was sharing the Gospel in the area one day, Daiwik’s family asked him to heal their son, having heard of other miracles Iham had performed. Iham explained that he himself had no power, but could pray to Jesus for healing.

Iham prayed — and Daiwik was delivered! Then, Daiwik and his family all received Jesus as their Savior!

They love and trust Jesus now, but have been disowned for their new faith. Even the village leader has isolated the family and warned the villagers not to have contact with them. Daiwik’s family has been cut off from drawing drinking water from the local well, as villagers say they have made the preferred religion of the village “unclean” by receiving Jesus.

Through this difficult time, Daiwik and his family love Jesus and do not want to turn away from following Him. They have faith that Jesus will lead them and they look to Him for their needs.

Please pray for renewal in Daiwik’s village, for his family’s strength in their faith, and that their needs are met.