Critical of Christians to Serving the Church

Church Planter Baasim used to make jokes when his Christian friend prayed, but today Baasim has a theology degree and is passionate about sharing the Gospel!

“I used to follow [my late father’s] footstep until my spiritual eyes opened. I used to criticize Jesus Christ and His followers in our village.

But, God has a plan in my life. While I was in 10th [grade], I have a Christian friend. He was a very good Christian and prayerful person. Every day during our breakfast time, he used to pray to Jesus and I used to make fun of him. But, he never felt disappointed even though I joked when he was praying. The way he responded to my behavior slowly inspired my life. One day, I asked him how he is always calm and never get angry though I was so naughty. Then, he shared me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From that time, I started thinking about my life and I tried to know more about Jesus. Luckily my friend gave me a [portion of the] Bible (New Testament) and I started reading it. After few months, I realized that Jesus is the only way to get peace and salvation in our life. So, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord and I was baptized.

After I met Jesus in my life, I went to Bangalore to study Bible. I completed my Diploma in Theology course. After the completion of my training in theology I assisted a pastor in West Bengal. I was appointed as an evangelist. I was ordained as a Pastor for the same church. I got married in 2000. We have been blessed with two children. Now, I am working as a Pastor under our Church. Preaching the Gospel to the people who are perishing is my vision.”