5 Ways To Create A Heart For Missions In Your Kids

1. Talk at home. Open up to your kids by sharing a brief personal testimony with them. Tell them how you became a follower of Jesus and what that means to you. Share that there are many people in the world who don’t know about Jesus yet.

2. Practice what you preach! Show your heart for missions by intentionally supporting causes that actively share the Good News of Jesus with the lost.

3. Grow and get engaged as a family. Read, watch, or learn something together about mission outreach. (Looking for a completely free way to get started? Check out our kid-friendly Lost in India or My Passport to India web-based video series.)

4. Get your kids involved. Do a small missionary project together—like raising $15 to send 15 kids to a Children’s Bible Club. (Or maybe even $40 to fully fund one Children’s Bible Club for 40 kids!) You can find lots of cool ideas for fundraising here.

5. Pray together. Has God placed India on your heart? Every month, we put together an easy prayer guide for you with prayer needs and praises from real people in India! You can choose to receive the India Intercessor once a month or daily in your email inbox. Sign up here.