Christmas Persecution in India

What comes to mind when you think “Christmas”?

Probably not persecution. And yet, many years, there have been threats and acts of violence against churches on December 25. A Christmas attack in 2007 kicked off a year of devastating persecution in Orissa, India. Rioting groups destroyed homes and churches … and murdered hundreds of Christians.

Anti-Christian extremists used the lantern above to burn down a church in Odisha (formerly Orissa), India. This was part of the 2008 riots that claimed hundreds of lives. Rioters destroyed thousands of homes and several hundred churches.

The Bible located in the image above, laid among the remains of a Christian family’s home. The house was ransacked by anti-Christian extremists during the Odisha riots

The bits of concrete above are from the walls of two churches destroyed in the Odisha riots.

Now, this lantern, rubble and Bible rest on a table in Mission India’s office. They serve as powerful reminders to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in India.

There have been threats of violence against churches on December 25 over the years. Below are our most recent prayer requests for this Christmas:

  • Church Planter Suresh ministers in Karnataka, India. Anti-Christian extremists are threatening to kill him if any more people he speaks with become Christians.
  • Kumar and his wife are new believers. Because of their faith, this couple is being threatened and may lose their jobs.
  • Adult Literacy teacher Hiro is opposed by anti-Christian extremists. The students are afraid to continue to attend classes because of the opposition.
  • Anti-Christian extremists built a wall in front of one of the doors to a church. Pray that this is not a hindrance to the church and that justice prevails.
  • Church Planter Narami ministers in northeast India. She is ridiculed and mocked by villagers for her faith in Christ.

Pray that December 25, 2016 is a day of joyful and peaceful worship, undisturbed by those who oppose Jesus.

Share this with your friends and family to ask for their prayers, too.