“Christianity Helps India’s ‘Untouchable’ Women Rise Up From Poverty”

I rarely see news out of India relating to women other than bad news – in fact, it’s increasingly one horrific story after another of ways the culture’s women have been abused and mistreated. So the title of this article caught my eye immediately, and I highly encourage you to read it.

Over the last year or two, one of my Big Kingdom Prayers has become that India’s society will begin to protect and empower women. More and more Christian leaders in India are calling on believers to rescue women from the terrible plight that they often find themselves in, and to honor women’s gifts for evangelism, compassion, teaching, and leadership.

The international community is taking notice of the plight of women in India. News reports of rapes and killing have horrified the world, and horrified many in India as well. For the first time in memory, public protests in India have drawn attention to the plight of women. “Mothers, teach your sons to respect women” is their message.

For believers in Christ, this is a good development, but there is much more to the Good News for women. Women have unique gifts for ministry, incredible God-given skills to be His ministers of compassion and freedom in Christ. Muslim-born believers testify that women followers of Jesus can reach Muslims that are entirely inaccessible to men.

Half of the leaders who carry out our partners’ ministries of Children’s Bible Clubs, Adult Literacy classes, and Church Planting are women. As women receive new opportunities to serve God, I am confident the worldwide body of Christ will discover new and unexpected blessings from the ministries of women, and answers to prayer that we cannot now even imagine.

I have been concerned for a long time that the sad plight of women in India is not well known here in America. So I’m quite excited about our new online campaign called She Counts, leading up to International Women’s Day (March 8). Please pray for us as we try a new way of getting out the message regarding God’s heart for all those precious people who are created in His image.