Christa Blum

As a mother, grandmother, and retired teacher, Christa knows the powerful influence young people have on their parents and families.

That’s why she loves reading stories from India about the impact of Children’s Bible Clubs on boys and girls.

“Mission India presents the Word of God to these young people … to the children … and as a result, they become teachers and disciples. Then, they tell others about it. Children tell their parents. The young people tell their peers.”

Christa is a retired college professor, after passing on her native German language to students for many years. She was born in Latvia and grew up in Germany, later moving to the United States.

She has three grown children and seven grandchildren, and after being widowed in 1985, has been married 15 years to her current husband, Bob.

She first heard about Mission India when it was the featured missions agency during her summer visit at Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference in Michigan.

“Mission India caught my attention because I had no connection with the continent at all. We had supported all types of local missions, but nothing in India.”

Christa says she supports Mission India today because of the message of hope that changes lives in India. And she joined the Mission India Legacy Society to reflect her commitment to continuing to support the ministry outreach in future years.

“I think for me personally, it gives me the satisfaction that I have helped others here and that the people of India will continue to be ministered to through my planning when I’m gone … they will still have that legacy of help and hope that we have in Jesus Christ.”

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