Chetana: Redeemed by Christ

Chetana lived in a hut with her husband and two children. Their conditions were tough; during a heavy rainstorm, their hut flooded. Their home wasn’t clean, mosquitoes swarmed, and they were constantly sick.

Meanwhile, Chetana spent most of her time in a temple seeking peace through religious practices. She got into witchcraft, which made her neighbors scared to speak to her or even go near her home, since she performed sorcery to hurt people if she was angry.

She had been given no education as a child, since she was a girl and her parents were poor.

Chetana was invited to an Adult Literacy Class, and though she decided to join, Chetana was restless during the class’s devotional sessions and wanted to leave. But one day, a pastor visited the class. He shared the Word of God and prayed, and Chetana fell to the ground. The pastor continued to pray, and after a half hour, Chetana woke up—delivered from evil spirits and feeling that something heavy had left her.

Chetana continued to attend the Adult Literacy Class. She gave up superstitions and received Jesus as her Savior!

As she continued to attend, Chetana learned how to save money through special training, and also started a garden at home, helping her family to eat nutritious food. Her situation continued to improve, as the government approved her application for a house.

Seeing her change, Chetana’s husband began to believe in Jesus, too! Their children now attend a worshipping group, and Chetana is preparing to be baptized.