Chandan: Growing Up in a Slum

Most houses in Chandan’s community don’t have electricity or running water. The population is poor—many set out each morning to find work as laborers to make money for daily food for their families. 13-year-old Chandan lives with his parents, sister, and brother in a house made of bricks stuck together with cow dung.

Chandan and his siblings went to a local school with free tuition, but their parents were barely able to afford their books and other materials.

When Chandan began to struggle in school, his parents didn’t know where to turn. Illiterate themselves, they couldn’t help their son understand what was being taught in school; and they definitely couldn’t afford to hire a tutor.

That’s when Chandan’s parents heard about a Children’s Bible Club that offered free tutoring! They enrolled their son right away.

Chandan liked everything about the Bible Club—making new friends, playing games, singing songs with motions, and even doing his homework. Chandan’s Bible Club leader, Tallu, spent extra time with Chandan, helping him understand difficult concepts in his studies and encouraging him in his education. Chandan was inspired to work harder and pay more attention in school, and his grades began to improve.

Tallu shared Bible stories regularly with the children. One day, after Tallu shared the Gospel, Chandan received Jesus as his Savior. He began to pray to Jesus and read the Bible, keen to know how to please God in his life.

Seeing the transformation in their son, Chandan’s parents enrolled their other two children in the Bible Club as well. The family has started attending a local worshipping group. Join Chandan in prayer for the salvation of his mom, dad, brother, and sister.