Cakori: Refuge at a Bible Club

Cakori’s father, Rahman, was wrathful and violent. He would do anything for money, threatening local shopkeepers, forcibly collecting money from them for his gang, then gambling it away.

None of it went to his wife or Cakori—in fact, Rahman was so cruel to them that they didn’t dare say a word in front of him.

In desperation, frightened and insecure, Cakori began searching for an escape. And God had a plan for her. Soon, she discovered a Children’s Bible Club!
Cakori enrolled—and loved it. Her heart was transformed by Jesus! She loved the Bible stories, singing Christian songs, and reciting Bible verses—and she lived out her new faith by praying for her father’s transformation.

However, it wasn’t easy. Rahman hated his daughter’s devotion to the Bible Club. There were ugly moments at home over the issue. Still, Cakori continued to pray.

Seven months went by. Rahman’s lifestyle was taking its toll: eventually, his gambling left him with nothing. Desperate for cash, he took his wife’s gold ornaments—precious gifts from her parents—and heartlessly sold them to settle his debts.

But his troubles weren’t over. A few days later, Rahman got into a fight with his gang. They left him badly beaten, lying in the street. Many people saw the incident, but he was so despised that nobody helped him. Thankfully, Rahman’s wife found him and took him to the hospital, where he began a long, slow recovery.

That’s where Cakori’s Bible Club leader met him. He visited Rahman, prayed for healing, and gently helped him gain new understanding about the impact of his choices.

The love of God began to do its work. Rahman was deeply moved that the Bible Club leader would care for him. When he left the hospital, he renounced gambling. He repented of his sin, began seeking the Lord, and encouraged Cakori to keep attending the Bible Club!

Today, Cakori is a beautiful role model for other children. She has received Jesus as her Savior and God has begun an amazing transformation in her family. Cakori’s family is on a different path thanks to the support of friends like you.

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