Building A Church In India

What does building a church look like?

You might picture a scene with construction workers and brick or wood. But in India, building a church might not look how you expect!

It looks like this:

What does an evangelist in India look like?

You might think of someone like this guy:

But you might not immediately think of this young girl:

The truth is, India is a very young nation. Currently, 1 in 5 children on earth live in India. And the number of kids just keeps growing!

Anywhere you travel in India, kids are there. And the Lord is using young boys and girls in India to reach their families and communities with the Gospel message. Every year, churches are sprouting up our of our Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs. At the Clubs, boys and girls are mentored and discipled by Christian leaders over the course of a full year … and bring the Good News home to their families and friends!

So, when we say our mission is to equip India’s Christians to plant reproducing churches, we’re not talking about constructing physical church buildings made of brick or stone; we’re talking about vibrant groups of worshipping believers that are part of the global Kingdom of God—whether they meet in a room with four walls or out in a rice paddy field.

Our mission is about people, not buildings. It’s about the transformed hearts of men, women, and children who now know Jesus as their Savior—and, through the power of the Holy Spirit—are sharing the Good News in their communities and nation.

Watch “Becoming Rich” below to meet Bishal, one of these unexpected evangelists.

You can join us in building the church in India through your support of Children’s Bible Clubs. Get involved!